Enjoying the song of forever young ( from Liu Jingjing)
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Although not a campus disciple of yours, I have learned so much from you;
Although never see you in person, I have been eager to meet with you.
“Homeric Poetry” the great Greek epic and “Xapa” the epic from the Hani People,
To be connected across oceans and time, only
on the basis of your theoretical illuminations.
I hope for you, which is also a true fact that
Seventy-years is just as young as seventeen-years
Forty-six-years of teaching is just among milestones of your career
Hereby, I wish you to be always enjoying the song of forever young,
and your insightful thoughts to be spreading all over the world,
as the floating fountain of G. Nagy’s Poetics!

Your academic granddaughter,
LIU, Jingjing
(from the Hani ethnic minority group, assistant Researcher, Institute of Ethnic Literature, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences)


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